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Recovery conversations is a one day workshop that introduces participants to different ways of engaging in often difficult conversations with people having psychotic experiences.  

Rooted in a narrative approach of working and building on work carried out by Micheal & Cheryl White and Marius Romme & Sandra Escher, recovery conversations will introduce attendees into ways of both entering into and how to build on often fixed narratives that are keeping clients stuck in what Taylor and Coleman call the illness trap.  

Moving beyond the concept of illness to one of wellbeing is for Taylor and Coleman a process and it is this process that they will unpick during the workshop breaking it down to series of interactive conversations and exercises that participants will be able to use after the day.

On the day participants will cover:

  • How to support people who find it difficult to engage in the work of recovery
  • How to support people who are unsure of what they want
  • How to hold on to hope and support people that no one believes can recover
  • How to work in a recovery way with people under involuntary treatment
  • How to change the conversation and/or narrative

Start Time
- Registration
9.15am - Start
4.30pm - Finish

COST (all costs INCLUDE VAT)
£95 - Statutory & Private Sectors
£80 - NGO
£40 - Student / Self-Funding

We also have 10 Bursary Places on each day for Voice Hearers (Sponsored by Hearing Voices Network Cymru)

To apply for bursary places, contact Karen -


GROUP RATES - Contact 01851 810789
Chester - 3 July 2017 - CLICK HERE

Bangor - 6 July 2017 - CLICK HERE

Swansea - 10 July 2017 - CLICK HERE

Cardiff - 13 July 2017 - CLICK HERE

Dundee - 30 August 2017 - CLICK HERE

Bristol - 5 September 2017 - CLICK HERE


Karen Taylor
Karen is an RMN with 20 years experience in the NHS in England with both older people and adults of working age.  She has personal experience of designing, implementing and managing innovative community care services.  After leaving the NHS, she managed the company 'Keepwell Ltd' for 2 years and ran a psychosis resolution service based on Recovery.  Karen has co-authored the workbook 'Working to Recovery' and has also been involved in introducing recovery training to Australia, New Zealand, Palestine, Denmark and Italy as well as throughout the United Kingdom.  Based in Scotland, Karen is Director of 'Working to Recovery Ltd', alongside Ron Coleman.  Karen and Ron are passionate that recovery is for all, including workers, and together they travel the world, telling their story of recovery and spreading a message based on hope, engaging with mental health services, carers and service users and challenging them to review their roles and embrace recovery for all.

Ron Coleman
is a Mental Health Trainer and Consultant specialising in recovery, psychosis prevention and resolution.  Following his role as national co-ordinator of the 'Hearing Voices Network' he uses his experiences of recovery to design workbooks and training packages to enable voice hearers to gain ascendancy over the negative aspects of the voice hearing experience.  Ron's own route to recovery, after spending 13 years in and out of the psychiatric system, has given him many insights into the many difficult issues facing today's mental health services.  Ron is the author of the world renown book 'Recovey: An Alien Concept?' and has also co-authored 'Working with Voices', 'Working to Recovery', and 'Reclaiming our Lives'.  He also has published several books including those listed above and 'Politics of the Madhouse'.

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