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Psychiatric First Aid in Psychosis

Mike Smith, Ron Coleman & John Good

This book aims to offer short-term coping strategies for people who are distressed.  I does not aim to offer a cure but aims to deal with the immediately distressing complaints that people have.  First aid is always a short-term intervention that enables or increases the chances of survival until other help can be sought.  Some longer term coping strategies are also included as many of these can have short-term benefits as well.

This first aid book will try to help the person to deal with the complaint, that is that they are frightened or powerless or feel out of control.  There is a wealth of research from around the world not just in academic articles but also in stories and even novels that tell us a lot about life and are used in this book. 

This book draws together the diverse things that really help.  It will deal with various areas of difficulty for people including voices, visions, troublesome beliefs and what psychiatry calls negative symptoms, these symptoms being perceived as deficits, which affect day to day functioning.  Each area of difficulty will be dealt with in seperate sections of the book.

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