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Cutting edge approach to mental health provision

There are few people who provide training in the way Ron and Karen do.  This is why they have an international reputation, not only as trainers, but also as speakers and authors of high quality innovative thinking and practice.

‘Working to Recovery Limited’, has a cutting edge approach to Mental Health provision.  Many services across the world are looking for a different recovery based way to work with people and we can offer the expertise to deliver recovery-based service.

Ron and Karen have an extensive knowledge of service development and provision worldwide, therefore offering a unique approach in terms of training and consultancy. They are also very comfortable working with people who use services, families and staff together.  They exemplify the model of Co-Production, they are also personal role models for workers, families and people who use mental health services.

Working to Recovery have developed experiential courses that enable the delivery of training that is life changing for participants and organisations.  They are renowned for their recovery training, which has meant services have been able to take a paradigm shift in the way they deliver recovery orientated care.  Their Recovery Champions course - developing values and attitudes, first pioneered with SAMH and the Scottish Recovery Network has been taught in many locations across the globe.

They also produce training that directly impacts on how clinicians interact and work with people who have psychotic experiences.  Their latest course is a Recovery Champions Developing Practice: Untangling psychosis, which was recently delivered with Hackney Mental Health Recovery Teams.

They are experienced at delivering different kinds of consultancy solutions including using PATH, Open-Space Events, User-Led Evaluations, Designing of New Services and Redesign, Change Management and Learning Sets.  They are also experienced in wider community consultations including public meetings and participatory appraisal.  They are also experienced in planning, designing, implementing and managing conferences.

Karen and Ron also have a publishing company, 'P&P Press' and have published workbooks on Working with Voices, Self Harm, Recovery, Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse and Ron's best selling book Recovery: An Alien Concept.  These books, along with additional reading, as well as DVDs, CDs and T-Shirts may be purchased via this website (CLICK HERE).

We have a special and unique interest in the design of mental health services, particularly those services working with people who are psychotic.  This also involves cutting edge training on understanding 'hearing voices' and 'psychosis'.  We are world-renowned for our innovative Recovery based training, writing and service design - working in New Zealand, Australia, Japan, America, Canada and right across Europe, as well as in the UK.  We are currently working in Australia, Italy, Canada, USA and the UK.

As well as training we have run three recovery house models at different locations which have enabled us to put our thinking into practice, keeping us dynamic and grounded in what works and what doesn't and making our training authentic.

Online Open Recovery College, will specialises in producing learning on our unique perspective.  We can offer this service to organisations for their staff and clients, as well as to individuals.

Latest Ventures

  • Mental Health Summer Recovery Camp - Working to Recovery ran a Recovery Camp for 3 years - 2015, 2016 and 2017.  The Recovery Camp was for people to experience and learn how to create recovery communities.  Working to Recovey now no longer runs Recovery Camps.  However, they have run by different organisations and in different countries around the world.  
  • Mad Economy - is a web based market place that benefits an up to now often ignored group of people in our society.  You can advertise on Mad Economy.  All profits will be used to fund mental health projects outside of the system that are recovery based.  Mad Economy is currently helping fund the development of a recovery house in Rwanda.

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