Books & Multi-Media Publishing

Working To Recovery and our publishing arm P&P Press have been actively publishing books and producing DVD's and CD's for many years.

Our publications cover a wide range of subjects concerning recovery, from personal experiences to practical guides and workbooks. You can see our P&P Press catalogue below.  CLICK on any title to find out more information. 


DSM Zero by Ron Coleman

Recovery: An Alien Concept by Ron Coleman

The Voice Inside by Paul Baker

Killing me Softly by Sharon J Lefevre

Reclaiming our Lives by Jim Campbell & Ron Coleman

Recovery: An Holistic Approach by Alison Reeves

Working with Voices by Ron Coleman & Mike Smith

Working with Self Harm by Mike Smith

DVDs & CDs

The Hearing Voices Network "25 Years On" - Vol 2 - From Psychiatry to Society

The Hearing Voices Network "25 Years On" - Vol 1 - Marius Romme & Sandra Escher

Talking with Voices by Marius Romme

Talking with Voices: An Introduction to Voice Dialogue by Dirk Corstens

Making Recovery Happen by Ron Coleman

How to Set up and Run a Hearing Voices Group

Hour of Power by Dorothy Rowe & Ron Coleman

1st and 2nd World Hearing Voices Congress 2009 - 2010

A Bad Career Move by Ron Coleman

The Voices of Me by Olga Runciman & Michael Rassum


Module One: Understanding Recovery (Making Recovery Happen)

Module Two: Developing Peer Support Workers (Making Recovery Happern)

Module Three: Working With Voices (Making Recovery Happern)

Module Four: Person Centred Planning Tools to Enable Recovery in Mental Health Settings

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We All Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest

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