Keeping at the forefront of innovative service design and delivery

Working to Recovery works with a broad base of agencies in many different countries, this helps keep us at the forefront on innovative service design and training.  With our publishing and Online Open Recovery College we are connected to people right around the globe.  Our publications have gone as far as Africa, India, Hong Kong, Malaysia, South America, Iran and Russia.

Our training and consultancy has reached many countries as listed below.  We are used to dealing with diverse cultures, private and public sector organisations, families and people who are experiencing mental distress.  We use Skype Mentoring to teams and families and are in email contact with many people.  Our network enables us to connect organisations and people as requested.

Working to Recovery has worked in many locations including:  New Zealand, Australia, Palestine, Japan, USA, Canada, Scandinavia, Iceland, Italy, France and Hungary as well as right across the UK.

This year (2015) we will be working in USA, Australia, Canada and UK.

Our recent clients include:
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We All Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest

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