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Articles & Interviews

Articles & Interviews

How to Live Succesfully when you Hear Voices by Karen Taylor
In this article Karen provides a glimpse into an innovative approach to understanding and managing hallucinated voices that has been developed in the the United Kingdom.
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Working to Recovery: Our Story by Ron Coleman and Karen Taylor
Working to Recovery was established in 2002 by Ron Coleman and Karen Taylor.  Based in Scotland, Working to Recovery offers training and consultancy around the world to many different kinds of agencies and organisations specialising in mental health practice.  In this article, Ron and Karen describe their approach to recovery, the work they do, and what motivates them.
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Recovery and Hearing Voices Resources by Ron Coleman and Paul Baker
Ron Coleman and Paul Baker have prepared a seven page leaflet which provides information about hearing voices, research, references, publications and links.
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We All Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest

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