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Ron Coleman - Director

Ron Coleman is a Mental Health Trainer and Consultant specialising in recovery, psychosis prevention and resolution.  Following his role as national co-ordinator of the 'Hearing Voices Network' he used his experiences of recovery to design workbooks, and training packages to enable voice hearers to gain ascendancy over the negative aspects of the voice hearing experience.

Ron's own route to recovery, after spending 13 years in and out of the psychiatric system, has given him many insights into the many difficult issues facing today’s mental health services.

Ron is the author of the world renown book 'Recovery: An Alien Concept?' and  has also co-authored 'Working with Voices', 'Working to Recovery' and 'Reclaiming our Lives'.  He has also published several books including those listed above and 'Politics of the Madhouse'.


Karen Taylor - Director

Karen Taylor was an RMN with 16 years experience in the NHS in England with both older people and adults of working age.  She has personal experience of designing, implementing and managing innovative community care services.  After leaving the NHS, she managed the company ‘Keepwell Ltd’ for 2 years and ran a psychosis resolution service based on Recovery.

Karen has co-authored the workbook, ‘Working to Recovery’ and has also been involved in introducing recovery training into Australia, New Zealand, Palestine, Denmark and Italy as well as throughout the United Kingdom. 

Based in Scotland, Karen is Director of ‘Working to Recovery Ltd, alongside Ron Coleman. Karen and Ron are passionate that recovery is for all, including workers, and together they travel the world, telling their story of recovery and spreading a message based on hope, engaging with mental health services, carers and service users and challenging them to review their roles and embrace recovery for all.


Jim Campbell - Recovery College Manager

Jim is the Recovery College Manager within the Working to Recovery Online Open Recovery College.  He has worked for the last twenty years in both healthcare and education.  Jim's own journey of recovery has enabled him to specialise in this area.  He has a long standing interest in developing alternative understandings, systems and tools for helping people who experience problems in life.  Jim’s own route to recovery and the challenges of working in healthcare as a mental health nurse, gives him a passion and enthusiasm in recovery, giving people hope that change can and will happen.

Jim co-authored, with Ron Coleman, Reclaiming our Lives: A workbook for males who have experienced sexual abuse, which draws on their direct experiences and personal recovery journeys, in order to assist male survivors of all ages to reclaim and recovery their lives in a practical and positive way.

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