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28th April 2010: We have created 1000 Recovery champions

I cant believe we already into our last week in Australia, well for the kids & Me , Ron is here for another 6 weeks.
2 more champions courses under our belt one in Perth & the other just completed in Canberra. Both courses successful, another 48 recovery champions. We must have created  at least a 1000 champions in the last few years , that is quite awe-inspiring.   Hopefully kick started a few recovery journeys and planted seeds for many others.
I love training in Australia. People are very receptive to the ideas of recovery, whether its because we are nearer the far east, there seems to be a greater understanding  of spirituality  and eastern mystisism & more openness to holistic approaches. The creativity on the Friday presentations is brilliant, last week the theme of telling stories was very strong, with 2 of the presentations using fairy stories to create an allegory about mental health care.
We also had a great time at the bluesfest, my highlight was dancing nonstop to the gypsy kings who were so full of energy. Ron’s was 10cc, I managed to stay for one song  “Oh Donna”” that was enough for me.
We are now in Tasmania, this time in Launceston & one day into our third recovery champions course. I am starting to think about returning home, trying not to worry about the volcanic cloud & whether it will have cleared by next Saturday.
Trying to practice mindfulness. There is nothing I can do to change the progress of the volcanic ash so I just need to carry on enjoying the moment. My daughter has just started a new business, check out her & matts designs, really different. They could really do with support & business
http://www.zazzle.co.uk/monimals if you like their designs please pass on to  anyone else who might be interested
Regards, Karen Taylor & Ron Coleman
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Posted: 28/04/2010 01:17:11 by Global Administrator
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