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A happy Yuletide from Ron & I on this winter solstice

was up this morning to watch the moon eclipse with my friend Seppi, we dressed up warm & sat in her garden with a cup of tea watching the moon gradually disappear. I even saw a shooting star, then with less than a quarter of a moon to go a big black cloud came and sat across the moon and that was the end of eclipse watching for us.... I then watched the sunrise as I fed the pigs & chickens, it was really beautiful this morning. There was a thick frost and I was slipping all over the place. I am glad I moved the pigs nearer to the house. This evening there was also a gorgeous sunset , so even though it was the shortest day it felt lighter for much longer as we didn’t have the usual grim gray clouds.

We are both at home for 4 weeks and can finally unwind and spend some quality time with the kids & each other. Ron’s hips are improving & he is off the crutches.
Next year is going to be extremely busy for us. We have an extended trip to Australia , work in France & another tour to be planned for America & Canada.

We are also hoping to get our dream plan of a bunk house/recovery house/training venue up here on Lewis up & running.

New training pack on voice dialoguing will be out in the spring + a workbook for male survivors of sexual abuse. Ron has almost finished rewriting 3rd edition of recovery an alien concept, hope to go to print at end of January.
In collaboration with the IMHCN we are also working on a virtual learning centre on recovery, which will be very exciting.

So to all of you that support our work have a wonderful Christmas & new year
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Posted: 28/12/2010 01:04:57 by Global Administrator
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