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I have been in semi hibernation up here on the croft

Its weeks since I wrote my last blog.  I have been in semi hibernation up here on the croft.  I kept thinking must write my blog then something else would be more important.  Ron and I have enjoyed an extended rest period over Christmas.  Ron in particular had worked non-stop for weeks including his Australian trip, so was near exhaustion.  Now its time to get going again, not that I have been sitting idle in Lewis, we have taken on 12 weaners so my time has been busily filled looking after them.  Ron is of to Denmark on Tuesday, returning to work at the “castle” and looking forward to meeting up with old friends. On his return we will be fencing the croft then I am off for my Christmas present which is a weekends Jazz singing workshop in Edinburgh followed by 3 days work at lighthouse recovery in Welshpool.

Then I return and Ron and I are both off to Trieste for a very interesting international 4 day conference.

Have just heard that Judy chamberlain has died at the age of 65, she was a long serving mental health activist in the USA.  Ron and I both had met her a few times, and enjoyed a lovely evening with her in italy over dinner.  She looked much younger than her age though I remember she had a large pile of vitamins to take as we ate.  She was a lovely passionate women and will be much missed by the movement.
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Posted: 18/01/2010 18:17:42 by Jim Campbell
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