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Working to recovery is a passion & its our life

Working to recovery as those of you that know Ron & I is more than just a business, it’s a passion & its our life. I think both of us are totally driven to changing the way mental health care is delivered....
This is a little like a poisoned chalice though. I have been away from my kids, my home & my animals & vegetable garden for 3 months Ron when he returns in 3 weeks will have been away the same. Every week away was an amazing experience with lots of people energised & revigorated by our visits.
But I wonder sometimes at what price to our family. Yes all our kids are resilient, confident with people, adaptable to changing carers, but as adolescents will they haunt us with taunts about us not caring enough for them. Being more there for other people rather than them. Is this the price to pay when you find yourself on a spiritual journey, a quest, a destiny.

I know Ron sometimes talks about loosing the priest hood & Christianity but finding a new religion in recovery. My own journey has led me through my fascination with spirals to finding a connection with the celtic crone, goddess of healing, death and the journey of renewal.

All of us need to make meaning of our lives, who is to say that I’m psychotic, eccentric, new age or just a human being who wants to make a difference.  What I do know though is that passion is vital. This is true for every recovery worker. They must have a passionate believe that recovery can happen and that by walking alongside somebody on their journey they can keep hope alive even in darker moments
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Posted: 30/05/2011 01:02:35 by Global Administrator
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