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Ron is back in Australia

Ron is back in Australia, he has been there a week now and has returned to Tasmania to help start up their hearing voices network and to train the staff across the island in working with voices.  We will both returning there in April next year to run a further making recovery happen course and some management training. 
Tasmania’s services both NGO’s and health service, have made a real commitment to developing recovery based services for people in mental distress.  What is exciting is that because the population is below 400,000 and its an island it should be relatively easy to see the changes develop in the services & to be able to measure recovery outcomes.  He is there for a further week before heading for Melbourne to run a peer support course with Anthony Strafford.  Vicserve are hosting the event.

For me the weeks Ron are away are a time to finally sort our house out, the outbuilding is now finished and the office is no longer our bedroom, but every thing is in piles waiting to be sorted.

We have reclaimed the sitting room as an adult and child space and I am typing this sitting in front of a lovely roaring fire.  I am 2 weeks into a 5 week stretch at home and it is fantastic.  I can feel myself slow down, enjoy some mothering and make everything ready for Christmas.

As to Working to Recovery we still have places left on the starting up hearing voices group training next week in Leeds and Birmingham.

We are now taking bookings for the next recovery champions course which we have moved to England to a lovely venue in Stroud in my home county of Gloucestershire.
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Posted: 14/11/2009 18:25:06 by Jim Campbell
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