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I’ve been avoiding writing this blog for a while, 18th November 2010

I’ve been avoiding writing this blog for a while, since coming back from Australia I have been immersed in being a mum and looking after the croft & organizing Ron’s trip to America & Canada. I feel a bit like a single parent, Ron has hardly been home, we had a brief period together in France but that was mainly working and our main conversations have been in the van on the way & back from the airport. He is travelling everywhere on crutches due to a hip problem which is giving him a lot of pain, but I arranged a punishing schedule for him & Paul on their trip to North America.
Feedback has been amazing, workshops have been incredibly well attended and there is a real interest in hearing voices groups & working with voices. I think one of the highlights for Ron was San Francisco yesterday, being taken to a really good American bar by Heath & seeing the golden gate.
He is now in the air somewhere between east & west coast arriving later in Massachusetts for his last public meeting & workshop , then he will be home Sunday for 2 days before travelling down to England for 2 workshops in Chester & Lincoln. Then finally he has a week off, no doubt we will spend the whole time argueing as we get used to being a couple again before he returns to England for another week of workshops roll on Christmas & 3 weeks at home.
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Posted: 30/11/2010 01:06:47 by Global Administrator
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