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Was I really away?

I’ve been back at home 2 weeks now, was I really away? I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Australia. The People I have been privileged to work with were brilliant. It is true what they say about Australians they are great company, laid back, friendly & open, love a good debate and very social justice focussed. I had to work hard, think hard and be very creative.
What was extra good was that I had the evenings to myself, so I had 5 weeks of self care, reading, walking, visiting new places, so although the work was tiring I have come back full of energy, happy, confident in my facilitation and 14lb lighter.

After a few days of lovely weather, winter seems to have arrived with a vengeance, we have had a lot of windy stormy weather & already the croft is looking water logged.

The doom & gloom of the British economy is at such a different place to the booming Australian economy. America is also in a bad way & mental health services seem to be particularly badly hit.
Its ironic really as research has clearly shown that mental health needs go up during a recession, yet spending goes down.

Ron is in a writing phase, he is rewriting recovery an alien concept at the moment, and hopefully it will be finished in time for the world congress.

The voices course with Dirk & Eleanor went very well; with fantastic outcomes for the voice hearers & workers who came. The week was filmed & shortly there will be a new training manual, workbook & DVD based on the training.

Our website is also being redesigned so it should be much simpler to use.

Ron & I will be in Lille in 3 weeks time where they are going to launch the French hearing voices network, this
is a very exciting development as France joins the rest of Europe in taking hearing voices work forward.
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Posted: 17/09/2010 01:08:01 by Global Administrator
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