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Hearing Voices

We believe that "auditory hallucinations" or voice hearing shouldn't be seen as something pathological that needs to be stopped, but rather as something meaningful and tied to the voice hearer's life story.  

For Ron Coleman his recovery began when, at his first Hearing Voices Group, someone told him his voices were real "what I'd been told in the psychiatric system was that they weren't real, they weren't really there.  That I had to ignore them and I couldn't get involved with them.  When they are real it means you can do something about them".

These courses are based on this viewpoint, that hearing voices is our natural response to life's traumas, learning to understand them form relationships with them rather than as a problem.  If we all take the journey to explore ourselves, our lives and ways of being, we can all move forward together in our work and recovery.

If you have any questions about our courses please do get in touch.

Karen & Ron :)