A Working to Recovery training manual.
A Working to Recovery Training Manual
A response to DSM V
Rons first year of living with cognitive memory impairment
A no nonsense radical exploration of Sharon's Journey with Self Harm.
A Working to Recovery Training Manual
The italian version of voice inside
A workbook for men who have experienced sexual abuse and those that work with them
Beautifully written book of Ron's Journey in and out of psychiatry and a critique on how services should deliver recovery.
a short booklet on personal recovery based on the authors own experiences.
7 practical steps to mental Health by a young person who recovered his own life.
A comprehensive handbook on voice hearing and the hearing voices approach.
The french version of the working with voices
Coping with Auditory Hallucinations and confusing realities
An irreverant book of stories of life in the mental health system written by a survivor of that system
A workbook for people who want to recovery from emotional and mental distress and for those who work with them
A workbook for people who self Injure and those that work with them
A ground breaking workbook for people who hear voices , that has been used by voice hearers around the world
The italian version of Working to recovery
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