Our Books

Karen and Ron have published a series of workbooks, “Victim to Victor” on Working With Voices, Working to Recovery, Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse and working with self- harm and Ron’s bestselling book, Recovery: An Alien Concept. These books, alongside several DVDs, are available for purchase below

A response to DSM V
Rons first year of living with cognitive memory impairment
A workbook for men who have experienced sexual abuse and those that work with them
Beautifully written book of Ron's Journey in and out of psychiatry and a critique on how services should deliver recovery.
a short booklet on personal recovery based on the authors own experiences.
A comprehensive handbook on voice hearing and the hearing voices approach.
An irreverant book of stories of life in the mental health system written by a survivor of that system
A workbook for people who want to recovery from emotional and mental distress and for those who work with them
A workbook for people who self Injure and those that work with them
A ground breaking workbook for people who hear voices , that has been used by voice hearers around the world
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