A Voice Hearers Guide to Voices and more by Ron Coleman - Paul Baker


A Working to Recovery Training Manual

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A Voice Hearers Guide to Voices started out as a training manual that like all training manuals was too expensive for the pockets of most individuals. Working to Recovery has once again taken the manual and turned it into an accessible book that gives all access to the following: A potted history of the start of the hearing voices movement with information on the early research by Romme and Escher and others. A one day training pack that can be used by anyone to introduce the hearing voices ideas to families workers and consumers/service users. An explanation of some of the tools and techniques used by voice hearers and others including voice profiling, voice dialoguing, I have just heard voices checklist and a brief explanation of the Maastricht interview. A pocket sized book that will without doubt add to your toolkit in a giant sized way.

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