Celebrate Imbolc the Celtic Festival for the Return of Spring - A Midwife of the Soul Residential Retreat

A Midwife of the Soul Retreat exploring the return of spring and using the land for healing -and deepening spirituality in a Celtic tradition

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ABOUT THE RETREAT Imbolc is on the 1st February, is the time to celebrate the return of Spring in the Celtic calendar when the Callieach returns to sleep and Brighid reawakens. Together we will explore this relationship between the old and the new, rebirth and letting go, cleansing and growing. The night before Imbolc we will go to the Callenish Standing Stones to celebrate “the Sleeping Beauty” and the ending of winter. On Imbolc, together we will go to “St Brides Well” at first light, where we will clean the well and offer her gifts and celebrate her coming. In my home we will explore what do we need to cleanse within ourselves, what do we need to let go of in order to grow into the women we wish to be. We will use Celtic stories to guide us and explore our own stories. Bringing us ready for a fresh new start.The course includes accommodation and meals.


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