Dementind Disgracefully by Ron Coleman


Rons first year of living with cognitive memory impairment

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This book started its life the day I was diagnosed as having mild cognitive impairment. As time has gone on my working diagnoses has become Dementia with Lewy Bodies. As someone was has recovered from Schizophrenia I had thought my days of fighting against the system for myself was over. This is not the case and I now find myself in a new battle of recovery. This book explores the beginning of my fightback against dementia, my attempt to redefine dementia as something to be lived with like hearing voices and more importantly my need to be a victor over dementia and not a victim. I was asked when I was writing this book if I thought it was possible to recover from dementia, my answer then and still is - Yes I believe that this is possible. Having started my psychiatric journey in 1981 with a diagnoses of schizophrenia, a diagnoses that I gave up in 1991 on the road to a personal recovery. At the age of 59 my wife Karen and my kids noticed that my memory was letting me down. I was leaving gas rings on and would sometimes be found in the kitchen staring into space with no idea why I was there. My ability with numbers has also diminished and my decision making is not as good as it has been. This book is then part of my refusal to give in and to try to stave the passage of time and memory. This is my King Canute time my chance to beat the odds. This is the time to let my own voices both internal and external become even more part of who I am. I hope you find this book entertaining, and challenging my voices certainly do.

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