Reclaiming our Lives by Jim Campbell and Ron Coleman


A workbook for men who have experienced sexual abuse and those that work with them

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Reclaiming our Lifes, A workbook for male survivors of sexual abuse "I began to gain control in my life. I found more helpful coping mechanisms, I began to accept myself. Over time, these new coping mechanisms became part of who I was. I was able to live my life, with my experiences, and take control of them. They no longer had power over me. I was coping, I was recovering". Jim Campbell This workbook is for males who have experienced sexual abuse and those who work with them. The need for this workbook has come from the recognition that there is a large amount of literature written for women who have experienced sexual abuse, but far less for males. This is in spite of statistics that show up to one in six men have experienced sexual abuse and are living with the consequences of sexual abuse. Drawing on the direct experiences of the two authors’ personal recovery journeys from sexual abuse, Reclaiming our Lives guides the reader through a recovery process. We seek to break the silence, and assist male survivors of all ages to reclaim and recovery their lives in a positive and practical way.

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