Return to Innocence - A Midwife of the Soul Residential Course

A Midwife of the Soul Residential course exploring the land of the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides and using the land for healing & Spiritual sustenance for women who wish to address trauma issues.

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Join us for this practice based residential workshop: which will included guided meditation, sharing stories, connecting with nature ceremonies and group time. This time is guaranteed to nourish your soul. The course gives you a chance to restore and explore any lost innocence experiences in a woman only group. Karen  believes that the land can aid in your healing. We will have ceremonies to explore the theme of lost innocence and to find your heroic story. This course is suitable for any women experiencing issues of lost innocence or working with women who have. Join us on a journey to explore how our wellbeing can be enhanced by practices that are thousands of years old and are being "discovered" by mainstream healthcare today. Join us on a journey to explore 3 billion year old Lewisian Gneiss rocks, one of the oldest rocks in the world. Let the unbounded Atlantic Ocean expand the wilderness of your soul; restoration of our core emotional and spiritual stability and a return to innocence, where this epic story will take us. You will return home with practical steps to improve your life and relationships, rested and rejuvenated by this magical landscape. Each day will be a mixture of outdoor and indoor activity:

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