The voice inside by Paul Baker

A comprehensive handbook on voice hearing and the hearing voices approach.

Written by Paul Baker, with contributions from Marius Romme, Sandra Escher and Ron Coleman. In this book we explain why we believe it is no longer sustainable to think of hearing voices as part of a disease, such as schizophrenia, instead hearing voices should be regarded as a meaningful, real, although sometimes painful, fearful and overwhelming experience, that speaks to the person in a metaphorical way about their lives, emotions and environment. Our approach to helping people to cope with overwhelming voices. We propose that voice hearers make space for the voices, to listen but not to necessarily follow, to engage, but in their own time and space and to learn how to control them in their own terms, according to their own beliefs and explanatory framework. Acceptance of voices is crucial to growth and resolution. Inside this guide you will find lots of new information about the experience of hearing voices; with advice about how to cope and make sense of the experience and descriptions for voice hearers and workers of new ways of helping people cope better with their voices. Many voice hearers who have used this approach can now say, “I hear voices, they are part of me and I am glad they are.” They start living their lives not their voices and vision.

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