Trauma - spirituality - physical and mental health workshop

Working to Recovery and Midwife of the soul presents a series of 2 day workshops exploring the interaction between trauma, body , mind & spirit , This workshop is for practitioners, people with lived experience and family members and supporters.

sponser part or a whole place for a person with lived expereince or family member to come free
Practitioners (Waged) People with Lived Experience (Unwaged) People with Lived Experience (Waged) Family Members (Unwaged) Family Members

WHO IS THE WORKSHOP FOR This two-day workshop is for practitioners, people with lived experience and family members / supporters. ABOUT THE WORKSHOP Having been involved in Mental Health care for over 36 years, I have been on a long journey of learning. I have embraced the hearing voices approaches that my husband Ron Coleman helped to establish, but I have also been on my own spiritual journey. This has led me to believe there is no neat dividing line between those that are having a spiritual emergence and those that are deemed to be “psychotic”. On my journey particularly over the last 30 years, I have also come to understand that many people labelled as “psychotic” are actually survivors of trauma and that the voices & visions they experience are often connected to the trauma they lived through. In the last few years my journey has grown much more with the realisation that many people diagnosed as having “psychosis” often have dissociated parts and this is where the real work of healing begins. Understanding this, then working with the person on their journey of recovery. This often involves the person being able to map out the “selves”, form relationships with them, comfort them and learn what is needed to heal. I also see through my work that how often understanding how people have cut themselves off from their bodies in order to survive has often left them with physical and emotional distress that they have buried deeply. This 2 day workshop will help unravel the complexities and simple ways that we can help a person journey. How curiosity is the key and understanding the many entwining narratives is the key to healing. We will also explore simple body work techniques that can help the process. How externalising inner emotions and selves through techniques like Sculpting can enable the person to look in on what is happening rather than being caught in the middle. OBJECTIVES • People will leave with a better understanding of how trauma can manifest itself within a person. • Understanding the protective. Factors of flight, fight and freeze at the time of trauma, but how over time the negative impact of repeatedly returning to a fear response. • What is happening within the body and how the body heal. • Simple body exercises. • The connection between spiritualty, healing and trauma. • How “psychosis” is often diagnosed when a trauma response is misunderstood. • Learning to be curious, narrative approaches.

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