Wisdom of the Crone- A Midwife of the Soul Residential Course 28th October 2023 to1st November 2023

A Midwife of the Soul Residential Course exploring the land of the Isle of Lewis and Harris in the Outer Hebrides, for healing & spirit for women pre, during and post menopause.

Rooms and Sponsers
Please choose a room and if you would like to sponser a person to join a course in future.

In traditional stories the Crone invariably shows the heroine the way through the Underworld /Otherworld to liberation. As we journey through the sacred landscape of the Outer Hebrides Lewis and Harris we will experience the Initiation of Crone wisdom in our lives. This can assist us to • understand the role of challenge in people’s lives and how they can emerge from life crisis renewed. • Navigate the life passage of menopause physically, emotionally and spiritually. Old trauma’s often “come back to bite” during menopause, how do we change the narrative? • Activate the power of the ‘inner wise women’ on a personal and collective level • Contact your innate intuition, sense of humour and creativity • Meet the powerful Crone, and her birds the Heron and Raven During our days together we will walk the ‘Hag’ mountain weather dependant  & visit the Callanish Stones. We will use Celtic stories for reflection and growth,  guided meditation, breath work and techniques for unlocking often repressed parts of womanhood. Receiving constructive feedback or challenge can be an important part of growth. Yet sometimes this activates such powerful childhood wounds it paralyses our ability to grow and contact our true inner wisdom. Working with Crone can help us greatly with this issue. You may also be in a role where you challenge people to grow, and working with Crone would help you do that it a more finely tuned way. This course includes accommodation and all meals. If you wish to stay extra nights you can arrange this with Karen 

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