Working with voices by Ron Coleman and Mike Smith


A ground breaking workbook for people who hear voices , that has been used by voice hearers around the world

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This second edition of Working With Voices: Victim to Victor Workbook is for voice hearers and the people they select to support them. The book was first published in 1997 and is now available in over 16 different languages including Italian, French, German and Dutch. The workbook provides the opportunity for the person to begin the process of growing from victim to victor by writing his or her own life history in relation to their voice hearing, then moving forward to other positive growth exercises. This book will stimulate the person to plan their own future and life again, and is especially helpful for those who are presently feeling too overpowered by their voices to become their master. The workbook has been researched in a number of academic papers. Including, the International Journal of Critical Inquiry, Ethical Human Psychology and Psychiatry. This paper, published in 2012 found that after using the workbook there was a significant improvement in anxiety depression.  The workbook has also be researched as a clinical effective recovery tool in a research paper published in the International Journal of Psychosocial Rehabilitation. The researchers say: “The intervention can be implemented in community mental health settings by staff with less training than specialized or licensed clinicians. Results show statistically significant improvement on the Brief Psychiatric Rating Scale factor for Anxious Depression. This is particularly relevant given the high levels of depression found among individuals diagnosed with schizophrenia.” It will enable people who have difficulties to cope with their voices and to discover different sides to their voices. It will unfold their relationship with the voices and by doing so will stimulate them to acquire more effective ways of coping. Most important in this process, and well stimulated in this workbook, is to take ownership of the voice hearing experience.

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