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Creating Recovery Communities by Karen Taylor

Ron Coleman and I for many years now have been working to establish recovery houses, places were people who are ready and choose to recover can come for healing.   more  

Bring home the importance of strong networks

One of the evidence-based sign that someone’s recovery journey is sustainable is having a good social network and strong family network...  more  

A Spiritual Quest...

At last some leisure time, Seppi my friend from Lewis and I had a whole weekend to explore county Meath & County Louth in Ireland, before I worked in Ardee for 2 days last Monday a...  more  

Converstations With Ourselves By New Zealand Herald

Ron Coleman, diagnosed with schizophrenia in 1982. He spent 10 years in and out of British psychiatric hospitals, including six as a mostly compulsorily “sectioned” in-patient. Dur...  more  

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