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Committed to Recovery

Asylum Associates (UK) - the action arm of Asylum Working towards a social firm for training, conferences and publishing, advocacy and community facilitation

Asylum Magazine - is a magazine for democratic psychiatry and provides a forum of free debate, open to everyone interested in mental health.  Both electronic and paper subscriptions are available.

Bridge Collective (Exeter, UK)- based in Exeter is a social enterprise business, creating a demographic community of mutual support run by people who have experiences, beliefs and feelings that have sometimes been labelled as mental illness.  The Bridge Collective creates a safe place where these experiences can be talked about freely, safely and without judgement.

Centre for Community Mental health (Birmingham, UK) - works to improve services and life opportunities for people with severe and enduring mental health problems. CCMH concentrates on tackling social exclusion and the development of innovative approaches to service provision through training, education and research

Icarus Project - envisions a new culture and language that resonates with our actual experiences of extreme states of consciousness.

INTAR - gathers prominent survivors, professionals, family members, and advocates from around the world to work together for new clinical and social practices towards emotional distress and what is often labeled as psychosis.

International Mental Health Collaborating Network towards Community Mental Health and Citizenship - an International Non Governmental Organisation founded by Mental Health Organisations and individuals who have developed good practices services in community mental health based on the whole system approach.

Lorraine Nicholson is an artist, poet and author.  In her website - Hope4Recovery, Lorraine presents her recovery journey through events, reviews and her acclaimed book The Journey Home, which is a collection of poetry, artwork & photography creating a new narrative embracing the theme of recovery from severe depression.

Mad in America - The site provides a resource and a community in rethinking psychiatry care.  Features include news, stories of recovery, access to source documents and informed writtings of bloggers.  Bloggers include people with lived experience, peer specialists, psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, program managers, social activists, attorneys and journalists.

Madness Radio: Voices And Visions from Outside Mental Health - brings you personal experiences of 'madness' from beyond conventional perspectives and mainstream treatments, and also features authors, advocates, scientists, and artists. Hosted by Will Hall.

Men in Recovery - improving the quality of life for men who have experienced as sexual abuse as they journey on their road to recovery and beyond.

Mental Health Forum - The friendliest place on the web to meet and discuss anything related to mental health, includes forum on hearing voices

MindFreedom International - a nonprofit organization that unites 100 sponsor and affiliate grassroots groups with thousands of individual members to win human rights and alternatives for people labeled with psychiatric disabilities.

National Empowerment Center - carries a message of recovery, empowerment, hope and healing to people with lived experience with mental health issues, trauma, and extreme states.

Pat Deegan PhD & Associates - helping people work with psychiatrists to arrive at the best decisions for treatment and recovery.

PHCS - Perth Home Care Services based in Australia is a recognised leader in innovative approaches to consumer-directed care and individualised service design and delivery - in the disability, aged and mental health sectors.

Psychminded - for all who work in psychiatry, psychology and mental health

Scottish Recovery Network - Building recovery across Scotland.

Second Step - based in Bristol, Bath and Weston (UK).  The team is made up of people with a shared desire and determination to deliver recovery and wellbeing opportunities for people with mental health problems to enable them to achieve their hopes and ambitions.

General UK Mental Health Organisations

Depression UK - Help and information for people who experience depression and those who act in their support

Gofal Cymru - a mental health and wellbeing charity in Wales

HAFAL - Mental Health Organisation for Wales

Mental Health Foundation - Charity improving the lives of those with mental health problems or learning disabilities

MDF - The BiPolar Organisation

Mind - National Mental Health Organisation for England and Wales

No Panic - Help and support for Anxiety problems

Rethink - Mental Illness

Young Minds - The voice of young people's mental health and wellbeing

General Information

Alternative Sources of Support - alternative sources of support for people experiencing mental distress and madness.

Coming Off Medication - aims to give you up to date information about psychiatric medication, how it functions and the withdrawal process.

Counselling UK Directory - network to be connected with a professional counsellor or psychotherapist.

DrugWatch - a comprehensive online medical database featuring information about thousands of medications currently on the market.

Neuroleptic Awareness - In this website you will find a variety of information regarding neuroleptics, or anti-psychotic medication, in relation to the human body.

RXDangers - aims to educate the public of all dangerous medications and medical devices that are available on the market today.  Providing a one-stop resource where you can find comprehensive up-to-date information.

World Information and Support for Voice Hearers

International Network

INTERVOICE - Focuses on solutions that improve the life of people who hear voices, for those who are distressed by the experience.

INTERVOICE FaceBook Page - join up if you have a Facebook account and want to keep up with the latest news and developments of the hearing voices movement

Hearing Voices Forum - This online discussion forum is run by the Mental Health Forum in association with INTERVOICE

National Networks

Hearing Voices Network - Australia

Hearing Voices Network - Ireland

Hearing Voices - New Zealand

Hearing Voices Network - Scotland

Hearing Voices Network - USA

Hearing Voices Network - Wales

Other Resources about Hearing Voices

Dundee Hearing Voices Group (Scotland) - a service user led registered charity which seeks to create acceptance that hearing voices is a valid experience. Based at 216 Hilltown Dundee under the banner 'HaVeN',

Experience Focused Counselling (EFC) Training Institute (Germany/UK) - Experience Focused Counselling (EFC) is a counselling approach that goes back to Professor Romme & Dr. Escher.

Hearing Voices Movement - Information from Wikipedia

Hearing Voices Fact Sheet -  From the Mental health Foundation

Portland Hearing Voices Network

Working to Mental Health Recovery - a cutting edge approach to Mental Health provision, provides training and consultancy on hearing voices

Voice Collective: Peer support for young people who hear voices - a London-wide project to develop peer support groups for young people (aged 12-18) who hear, see or sense things other

Individuals Associated with Hearing Voices Movement

Dirk Corstens - chair of INTERVOICE and psychiatrist, provides lectures, courses, group workshops and individual treatment regarding hearing voices.

Indigo Daya - Melbourne based mental health trainer, consultant and change agent.

Jacqui Dillon - Writer, campaigner & international trainer, specialising in hearing voices, trauma and dissociation.

Will Hall - co-founder of USA Hearing Voices Network. A mental diversity counselor and consultant with a private therapy practice based in Portland Oregon.

Rufus May - in order to help inform people who may have seen the film "The Doctor Who Hears Voices"

Marius Romme and Sandra Escher - Founders of a new approach in which accepting and making sense of the hearing voices experience makes recovery for patients hearing voices possible
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