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1st USA Catalogue

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Update on our Books & DVDs - The 1st USA Catalogue
Dear All,

Although, this email is directed to our USA colleagues and supporters, we thought you would all be interested in hearing about our latest developments.

Working to Recovery made a decision last year to make all our books, training materials and DVDs - more accessible to colleagues in North America.  In this, our first American Catalogue, we offer the first six titles to be published in the USA.  This means, people ordering from the USA will get your books faster and with much lower postage, than having them sent from the UK.

If you are ordering more than 15 copies of assorted books - please contact Ron Coleman - as we can offer discounted prices on bulk orders.

In the next couple of months, we shall increase the number of books and training titles available in the USA, which will include our DVDs and Audio materials too.

The first DVD to be available in the USA will be 'How to Start and run a Hearing Voices Group'.

We hope you will continue to support us as we embark on this project.

All Books are available at

All Books are also available in Kindle Format, with the exception of DSM Zero.


Working with Voices II by Ron Coleman and Mike Smith - $15 USD


Working with Voices has been translated into some twenty languages to date and is one of the most influential workbooks for people who hear voices.  It has been researched by Dr. W. J. Casstevens PhD Associate Professor North Carolina State University Dept. of Social Work. She discovered that the workbook reduced both Anxiety and Depression levels amongst voice hearers. The book is used as an aid in many hearing voices groups world-wide.

Ron Coleman has been a Voice Hearer for nearly forty years.  Whilst Mike Smith is a Psychiatric Nurse and is a past winner of the UK Nurse of the Year for his work on working with voices.

Working to Recovery by Karen Taylor, Ron Coleman and Paul Baker - $15 USD


Working to Recovery can best be described as a mental health recovery guide that can be used by individuals, in a group setting or in one to one work. Taylor Coleman and Baker have produced a generic workbook on recovery that can be used by anyone as a guide to mental wellbeing. The workbook is held by many to be an easy to follow and use recovery planning tool. This book is part of Working to Recovery Victim to Victor series.

DSM Zero by Ron Coleman - $15 USD


Words! Words! Words! I am sick and tired of words show me is the first stanza of my fair lady.  When the American psychiatric association published DSM Five they went too far, they created a world where they now had the final say on what was and was not mad. Indeed they even created the ultimate diagnoses "mental illness not otherwise specified" to ensure universal coverage. Far from freeing the world of mental health problems psychiatry has enslaved this generation in a pseudo-scientific delusion of mental illness.  Why we decided to bring out our own version DSM Zero is simple we read parts of DSM five and decided enough is enough and we need to respond.

DSM Zero is our response let people write their stories and define for themselves what their mental wellbeing is about. Let’s face it we can’t do any worse than Psychiatrists have. Within these pages you are safe to say what you need to without judgment or others agendas.  This Notebook is great for consumers, professionals, families and friends. And dare we say it Buy one for your Psychiatrist you never Know they may Recover!

We All Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest by Ron Coleman - * SPECIAL PRICE *- $11 USD


We all flew over the Cuckoos’ nest is an irreverent look at psychiatry through stories that though funny often have layers of meaning. Coleman has moved away from his usual critical and sometimes angry approach to the psychiatric system. In this entertaining Volume he has used his story telling talent to show the often nonsensical and funny though still damaging world of Psychiatry.

Recovery an Alien Concept by Ron Coleman - $18.50 USD


This is the final cut, the latest and final edition of the highly acclaimed book by Ron Coleman, with the most fully realised version of the vision of recovery.

In it Ron charts his recovery journey from being a diagnosed psychiatric patient to becoming an inspirational and challenging trainer, consultant and recovery specialist.  In this edition Ron brings the reader up to date with his latest thinking and concepts.  Describing what recovery is, and how it can be made real.

With the pages in this book, Ron explores with the reader the possibility that recovery can be a reality, not just for the lucky one or two, but a real option for every person who enters the psychiatric system.  In this new millennium there is a need to reflect on the past and learn the lessons of history.

Our Training Books
At Working to Recovery we have made a decision to reduce our prices for training materials in order to increase accessibility.  Our prices for training books will be reduced to $12.00 from 15th October 2017.  The four training books are:
  • Developing Peer Workers (Available NOW)
  • Making Recovery Happen (Available NOW)
  • Exploring Psychosis using Person Centred Planning (Available NOW)
  • Working with Psychosis Learning a New Approach (Available February)

Making Recovery Happen by Ron Coleman and Karen Taylor - * SPECIAL PRICE *- $12 USD

This is much more than a book - Making Recovery Happen is a training resource, a practical guide and a toolbox all wrapped up in 54 pages of dynamite designed to blow your mind.  Based on the Making Recovery Happen training manual that was priced at $150 USD, this new book brings all the information contained in the training manual into an affordable format that will make it accessible to all.

The book is designed for workers, families, friends and those who are in emotional distress. 

We are also launching a Kindle version - Available NOW - CLICK HERE

Developing Peer Workers by Ron Coleman, William Ellis and Karen Taylor - * SPECIAL PRICE *- $12 USD


The world of mental health practice has been changed forever by the introduction of peer workers into both the state and the NGO sector.  This Practice Guide is an exploration of this new worker by three Critical Thinkers.  Ron Coleman spent 13 years of his life as a service user in the UK mental health system, spending 7.5 years of his life as an inpatient in various hospitals in London and Greater Manchester.  His experience of hospital and his journey out of Psychiatry is now reflected in everything he does and you will find some of that experience within the pages of this book. William Ellis has had many roles in his life and has worked in many differing roles within the field of mental health.  More importantly William has always been open about the struggles he has gone through and he brings these insights to this book.

Karen Taylor spent 17 years as a psychiatric nurse before leaving to work full-time with Ron Coleman as Director of Working to Recovery Ltd.  This background made Karen an ideal author alongside Ron and William. It is this three-way combination that brings to the market a book that can be seen as different, full of learning and hope for the future.

A One Day Introduction to Person Centred Planning by Karen Taylor and Ron Coleman - $11 USD


This book started its life as a full size ring bound training manual that cost $150 USD a copy.  At Working to Recovery we decided that this has kept it inaccessible to the bulk of people.  We therefore took a decision to slash our prices on this type of publication and create accessible information that is affordable to the many.

A one-day introduction to Person Centred Planning is one the results of that decision.  It is full of information and has been printed in full color so that graphics we use in the publication can be seen to the best effect. 

We hope you enjoy this helpful addition to your toolbox.

A Voices Hearers Guide to Voices by Ron Coleman and Paul Baker - $12 USD


A Voice Hearers Guide to Voices started out as a training manual that like all training manuals was too expensive for the pockets of most individuals.  Working to Recovery has once again taken the manual and turned it into an accessible book that gives all access to the following:

A potted history of the start of the hearing voices movement with information on the early research by Romme and Escher and others.  A one-day training pack that can be used by anyone to introduce the hearing voices ideas to families, workers or consumers.  An explanation of some of the tools and techniques used by voice hearers and others, including:
  • Voice Profiling
  • Voice Dialoguing
  • I have just heard voices checklist
  • A brief explanation of the Maastricht Interview
A pocket sized book that will without doubt add to your toolkit in a giant sized way and with a $12 USD price tag, it will not break the bank.
We All Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest image

We All Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest

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