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A letter from Ron Coleman

Dear Friends,

I am writing to you to give you some information on my plans for the next year.  As many of you are aware I have recently been ill with heart problems, this has led to me slowing down for a while.  I have decided that I am now ready to offer a small number of in-house or partnership workshops and some one-to-one or group mentoring sessions via Skype.

I am going to offer three new Workshops, these are:

1. Recovery Conversations
This is a one-day interactive Workshop that explores how we can create a safe environment to hold difficult conversations and the type of questions that can be used to develop these conversations.  


2. Preparing for Recovey
This is one-day workshop that starts from the premise that recovery has been foisted onto the system without little real thought and lots and lots of rhetoric. The day explores the following:
  • What is Recovery
  • You are not the Problem
  • Understanding the Illness trap.

3. Making Recovey Happen
This can either be a stand alone day or a second day that naturally follows 'Preparing for Recovery' one-day workshop (see above).
The day includes:

  • Planning for Recovery
  • Using Tools such as Sculpting, Person Centered Planning Tools and Dialogue
  • Creating Recovery Services


I can of course do other days if people wish but I think that the current workshops offer both interaction and deeper learning in terms of our understanding of recovery.

The cost per day is £850 + VAT and Expenses.


Personal One-to-One or Group Mentoring Sessions
I will also be offering personal one-to-one mentoring sessions or group mentoring sessions.  Both via Skype.  Rates from £50 per session.  Minimum length 1 hour 15 minutes.


For more information e-mail me on or call me on +44 (0) 1851 810789


Ron Coleman
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