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An Appeal for your Support - from Ron & Karen

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Appeal for your Support - from Ron & Karen
Dear All,

As you may have already heard, we are going through some big changes in relation to our lives and our work.  

These changes include moving to a smaller house and slowing down our work together.  Although Karen will continue providing training, consultancy, etc... we will also continue with our books and DVDs to give us some income.  Eventually we will close down our Working to Recovery UK business to comply with Ltd company rules on Directors health.

In order to achieve this we are appealing for your support both practically and financially.

Practically - If you have trade experience and want to help us rebuild our house on the Isle of Lewis, please get in touch - or (+44) 01851 810789

Financially - Please donate on our GoFund Me Campaign - CLICK HERE

Thank you, very much for all your donations so far, we really appreciate it.  In this letter we will be outlining how your support will be used.

Below are two individual letters from each of us, sharing with you, where we are at, our plans for the future and how you can support us.

A Letter from Karen Taylor

Thank you, very much for your donations or for thinking about making a donation I wanted to let you know how your support will be used.

You support will help us to develop the croft house in a way that will ensure that no matter what happens we will have a house that Ron can live in.  The cottage will look totally different from what was there before.  We have already knocked the kitchen, bathroom and sitting room into one and taken out the ceiling.  

We have two velux windows to put in for extra light, the big bedroom has been gutted and taken back to stone, new insulation fitted and is nearly finished - just needs a new lintel in one of the windows.
The back kitchen/utility and bedroom will be knocked down and a timber framed extension put up that includes a wet room with a disabled access that will see Ron through as his health worsens.  He has two ulcers on his big toes, they had almost healed but flared up again a couple of weeks ago and make walking more difficult for him.  

The Rayburn will come out and be replaced by a multi fuel stove for heat only.  We will also be able to create a garden with raised beds and a poly tunnel so we can live more sustainably and grow most of our vegetables - worrying less about the Hebridean weather!

We hope to convert the office space and big room (in the old barn) into a self-contained unit where Rory (our son) will be for the next year, then we plan to use it as an Air-B&B so we have a bit of income in the future.  We will also use it to house guests and people coming up to work with Ron and myself.

Anyone who donates are also welcome to come up free of charge, when it is available.

I hope to complete a spiritual companions course by next summer and this will hopefully open up an income stream for me as our work changes.

We will sell our current house in Knockaird, to pay off our mortgage and to close Working to Recovery UK down, pay any outstanding monies that will fall due to Tax Man, Vat Man, etc... as Ron can no longer be a Director because of his condition.  This will mean we can live life more simply - something that both of us are looking forward too.

Ron wants to continue working as long as possible doing training and speaking at events, but realistically if his memory continues to slide Ron will finish working off the island by the end of next year, but this will depend on his health - hopefully he will keep going for longer.

So we are trying to be sensible and practical - I know unusual for us!  Ron is writing loads at the moment, including a lot of poetry, something he hasn't done for years.

Thanks again for either thinking of donating or donating - it has taken a lot for Ron to start this campaign.  I think he is trying to make sure we are OK as a family, particularly as we still have a 14 year old (as Ron says 'Scary Daughter') still at home.


A Letter from Ron Coleman

Hi, my name is Ron Coleman and this my story.  I was taken into the psychiatric system when I was 21 years old.  I was diagnosed with Schizophrenia and spent 7.5 years as an inpatient in psychiatric wards, mostly locked throughout the 1980's and into the 1990's.  I was given ECT 40 times in this ten year period.

In 1991 I became part of the Hearing Voices Network in Manchester and this changed my life.  I then spent 27 years paying back what people like Marius Romme & Sandra Escher, Paul Baker, Terry McLaughlin, Julie Downs, Mary Black, Lyndsey Cook and many others who freely gave me the support that allowed me to take my life back.  

This has included working with people who cannot access voices support in our own home or in the Recovery House we had on the Isle of Lewis.  We mainly funded this ourselves with people working at the house for free and some donations.  On average we put in £22,000 a year from our own income to keep the house open.  Then things started to go wrong with my health.

Over the last couple of years my physical health has gone downhill.  I had a couple of heart attacks which resulted in a number of operations to put stents in.  I then had my carotid artery opened and cleaned out as it was reducing blood flow to my brain.  I have now been diagnosed with a mild cognitive impairment and this is making me have memory problems, especially with short term memory.  I have fallen a couple of times and can no longer really work by myself.  I am also finding stairs harder and harder and scared to go up and down.

I am receiving treatment for the symptoms but need to move house to one without stairs.  We have the house but it needs refurbished, in that it needs a bathroom, kitchen, a wet room and a second bathroom for our daughter, new windows, doors, etc...  This will allow me to retain my independence for longer and also allow me to continue being a house husband and confidently look after our 14 year old when Karen goes off to work.

We would like to get the work done as quickly as possible, so we can move to the cottage.  Trades prepared to come and give time are also welcome.  Happy to give back by working with people or their loved ones through mental health issues.

My intention is to work as much as I can over the next couple of years alongside Karen and to continue to Vlog, Blog and write as much as possible.


With Love

Ron and Karen x

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