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April 2016 - Newsletter

We rely on people to share widely as possible by Email and Facebook - so please share

Hi All,

It seems a lifetime ago that we last sent out a newsletter.  We have been extremely busy in Australia, firstly with the Recovery House, and secondly with Working to Recovery Australasia.

Recovery House - Perth, Australia
This is what one visitor to the graduation ceremony said about the experience:

"Hi ya Ron and Karen, just returned from the Recovery House graduation ceremony just now and you both are so much in our minds and thoughts. You will be proud to hear that the evening was so lovely and for me moving on lots of levels. You both would be so proud of the crew graduating and the Sherpa's … they did you and themselves proud. Your letter was such a lovely touch and you were there in spirit. I have only intersected a little here and there with the people and Sherpa's but it has been enough to see some of the massive shifts and transformations made. This work you both started has been a miracle and such a testament to your inspiration and ideas".

One participant who had many years of repeated admissions has said:

"Came into this program with the knowledge that this is my final chance to live-not feel like I'm constantly dying. I had high hopes. Their approach is logical but I was never taught that way in the system. The system kept me sick. They are passionate about recovery and they assisted me to recover; the experience although confronting and overwhelming has allowed me to breathe again. I needed challenging and a push with the right feedback and advice. This is what the recovery experience has given me”.

As you can imagine Ron and I are really proud that we had the opportunity to run this programme in Australia.  Thanks to the CEO of the organisation we worked for.

We believe there is much need for recovery houses and a complete change in the way we practice, so we are delighted to announce that we have started Working to Recovery Australasia.

Working to Recovery Australasia
We are delighted to announce that we have started Working to Recovery Australasia with three really good Australian colleagues with a view to running recovery houses and other innovative recovery projects right across the pacific region.

The website is -

We also have a Facebook Page -

We hope you will forgive us for the lack of recent newsletters.

Mad Economy
We hope that as the Mad Economy ( grows, we can help develop recovery houses in places where there is little money and much need. 

We will write a newsletter soon on the Mad Economy to update you on what is happening.

Please support Mad Economy by putting up your own advertisements, etc...  Every small contribution will help.

Mental Health Summer Recovery Camp 2016
What we would really like to talk about though is our up and coming Recovery Camp.  Taking place from Thursday 23 June to Tuesday 28 June, at Harford Bunkhouse in Ivy Bridge, Devon, UK (Postcode - PL21 0JG).

For all the information and booking please - CLICK HERE

The experience for the participants was so positive last year that we want to make this years camp even better.  Workers, family members and people with lived experience are all valued and welcomed to the camp.  This is a place we can dialogue together, share ideas, work through issues, find solutions, everyone's expertise is valued.

Anyone coming can run a workshop, share a skill learnt for resilience, or holistic treatment.  You can read blogs about the camp by CLICKING HERE

It's also a place we can have fun.  Evenings will be full of music, dance, comedy and banter - bring an instrument, your voice, your poetry and your stories to share. 

We have several elders who will be key to the Camp - Marius Romme & Sandra Escher, Rufus May & Elisabeth Svenholmer, Steve McCormack, Ivan Barry, Barbara Mainguy, Julie Bevan and Glenn Roberts.  All with wisdom of lived experience and recovery and/or of changing the way we think about mental distress.  Some of them will be around along with myself and Ron to act as an ear to anyone.

We are open to people having stalls with crafts or for their organisations to have a stand.

Please book your places and spread the word to others who don't receive our newsletter.  Here is the link for booking - CLICK HERE

Other News
The Online Recovery College is flourishing.  We are open to organisations joining so that all their staff can take part.  It is a good way for people to obtain the correct CPD they need for registration, also because its international there is a chance on forums for people from around the world to connect and talk about recovery.  For information on an organisation joining and associated costs, please contacted Ron at -

We are planning a training tour in North America in September 2016.  If you want training, please contact Karen at -

And Finally...
Finally, please can I ask that you share this newsletter for and wide.  We really rely on yourselves to spread the word about our work.

With Warm Regards

Karen & Ron
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