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January 2019 - Newsletter

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January 2019 Newsletter

Happy New Year to everyone who has supported Working to Recovery.

I realise it's a long time since we wrote a newsletter, but at last I am sitting down long enough to begin.  If you are not already aware, Ron has decided to retire from Recovery training.  He will still do the odd guest appearance, but since his heart attacks 2 years ago his health has not been so good - he has a working diagnosis of Lewy Body Dementia.  

At the moment, this means he has lost all ability to work with figures and most short-term memories disappear after three days.  He is also unable to travel alone anymore as he easily gets lost.  However, being Ron he has far from given up! 

He has decided to live with dementia, but also try to keep himself recovered as much as possible.  He uses one of his voices to remember things and does regular neuroplasticity exercises.  He also is still able to write and uses Dragon Dictate to enable this as he finds keyboard more difficult.

He is still Blogging and Vlogging and has joined DEEP, as user-led organisation for people with dementia.  He is working on some AI Programmes with Amazon Alexa to keep himself independent so I can carry on working.  He also still travels with me sometimes and can support people with Skype.

Working to Recovery will carry on alongside my new venture, Midwife of the Soul.  At the moment I have a Facebook page, but eventually will have email and a website. 

I am available for Recovery and Hearing Voices training and in November returned from a successful 3-week tour in New Zealand, before that Italy and America.  However, I would love to be working more in the UK over the next few years.  Last week, we visited Seoul, gave some lectures and hopefully they will be taking peer work, recovery and hearing voices network forward in South Korea.  Our Peer Training and Working with Voices books are now translated into Korean - which is very exciting.

In March last year we were lucky enough to be invited to Hong Kong to introduce people to hearing voices work.  They now have several groups going and it was a fantastic few days, where we were very well looked after and there was a lot of enthusiasm for the training - Working with Voices is now available in Hong Kong Chinese.

I also ran my first Midwife of the Soul course with Alison McCabe, called Return to Innocence, this was a female only residential couse mixing group work and visits to sacred sites and nature on the Isle of Lewis.  We hope to repeat this course in May 2019.

I was able to complete my Diploma in Practical Spirituality & Wellness and become a Spiritual Companion.  I am able to deliver the Spiritual Wellbeing Programme, train groups on spiritual and emotional wellbeing and work with individuals.  I would particularly like to work with people who have a spiritual crisis or emergence and can do this using Skype.

Preparing for Recovery from Psychosis: A Family Approach - February 2019
For this year, I have already arranged a Recovery from Psychosis residential course for families, people with lived experience and workers.  There are still places available, if you are interested follow the link below, it's all inclusive and there is also a couple of days extra for sight-seeing.  It is February 2019. 

Creating Safe Places for Recovery - One-Day Seminar - March 2019
Over the last couple of years there has been a resurgence of interest in crisis houses & recovery houses and different ways of providing support for people who find hospital admissions traumatic.

So it is a great pleasure that I announce a series of workshops around the UK on "safe places to recover".  I will be running these workshops with Alison McCabe who has a wealth of experience in setting up and running the famous Anam Cara Crisis and Recovery Services in Birmingham during the 1990's - it ran very successfully for 8 years.  I will also bring my wealth of experience of working on various recovery house projects and supporting people on their journeys.

Dates and venues are listed below:
  • Tuesday 26th March 2019 - Leeds
  • Wednesday 27th March 2019 - Bristol
  • Thursday 28th March 2019 - London
  • Friday 29th March 2019 - Cardiff
For more information and booking follow this link -

Ron's Writings & Books
For those interested in Ron's currents ideas and story, he has written the first book about his experiences of memory    loss.  Ron Coleman: Dementing Disgracefully - Book One Onset, starts on the day he was diagnosed as having mild    cognitive impairment.  The book explores the beginning with his fightback against dementia, his attempt to redefine      dementia as something to be lived with like hearing voices and more importantly his need to be a victor over         dementia and not a victim.  It also includes some very thoughtful poetry and ideas.

  Towards the end of last year, he was able to finish We All Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest: Funny Stories from     Psychiatry.  

Both books are now available on Amazon, as are Recovery an Alien Concept, Working with Voices and our training manuals which have been reduced to book size at a very affordable price.  Some of the books are also available on Kindle and Ron hopes to do audible versions this year.

Ron's House Without Stairs Project
For those interested in Ron's House Without Stairs Project, we now have full planning permission.  We now have to sell our house!  Here is a link to the estate agents -

If you know anyone thinking of moving to the Outer Hebrides then pass on the information and if you are tempt yourself - its a beautiful place to live.  Very safe and great for families with young children or people nearing retirement who want to downsize and move to somewhere quiet and safe.  It is really quite accessible too - with regular ferries and air flights to all major airports in Scotland.

January 2019 Sale
We have some special offers if you buy two books on the following items:


  A Recovery Planning Tool Workbook & Reclaiming our Lives Workbook

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  Talking with Voices (with Dirk Corstens)

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And Finally
We wish you all a fantastic 2019 and looking forward to working with you in 2019.

With Regards

Karen Taylor

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