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Mad Economy Rwanda Special Newsletter

Re: Rwanda Recovery House For Genocide Survivors

Working to Recovery UK, Working to Recovery Australasia and the are working together to help fund the development of a recovery house to help those still traumatized by the Rwandan genocide twenty years ago. We need your help to raise the $50,000 required to get this project started. We are writing to you to ask if you would advertise on the website or even just put up a paid message of support. The cost for either an advertisement or a message is only £18 and your message or advertisement will remain up for one year.

We are working with the NGO Women’s Foundation with Disabilities of Rwanda (WFDR) in Rwanda who will run the Recovery House thereby ensuring that cultural competency is at the forefront of practice.  Rose Umutesi is the person we are liaising with in Rwanda and you should feel free to friend her on Facebook.

Rose and her team have big plans for a Recovery Centre.  See artists and architects plans below:

Though our commitment is to the Recovery House part of the project, any excess monies will go towards realizing their vision.

The Recovery House is the two blocks of the drawing and they each have 6 ensuite bedrooms with shared kitchen and lounge.

A full copy of plans can be sent to you, if you wish.

Rwanda as a nation is slowly overcoming the trauma of its civil war.  The Recovery House will be a vital part of this healing.

You can download a pdf of this newsletter by Click Here

Please circulate this email and/or send the PDF Document

Please support this effort and buy:

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Or simply make a (click on Donate Button)

For help with Advert/Message write to

I wish to thank you for your help.  We will give regular updates in our Newsletter.

Ron Coleman
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