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Spring 2019 - Newsletter

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Spring 2019 Newsletter

Hi Everyone,
Hope you enjoyed your Easter holidays.  I have been busy with Alison McCabe with the Creating Safe Places for Recovery workshops.  They went so well we have decided to put some more on in different parts of England in June/July 2019.

Here is the link for more Information and Booking -

We will be in Lancaster, Manchester, Hebden Bridge, Cambridge, Norwich and Birmingham.

If you think people would be interested in the workshop in your area, please let us know and we can run some more later in the year.  We are particularly keen to come to Ireland.

Please read my Blog on Creating Recovery Communities - 

Preparing for Recovery from Psychosis: A Family Approach
In September we will again run our very successful 'Preparing for Recovery from Psychosis: a Family Approach'.  There are limited places, the training is for workers, family members and people with lived experience.  Over 5 days, it allows for unfolding and storytelling and honest discussion for families.  

You can book by following the link -

New Prices on certain Products

I am reducing the price on our DVDs and some of our books, as listed below:
  • DVD - 1st and 2nd World Hearing Voices Congress - £25 (SAVING £10)
  • DVD - Hearing Voices '25 Years On' Volume 2 - £12.50 (SAVING £7.50)
  • DVD - Hour of Power with Dorothy Rowe & Ron Coleman - £7.50 (SAVING £7.50)
  • DVD - Making Recovery Happen - £7.50 (SAVING £7.50)
  • DVD - Talking with Voices with Dirk Corstens - £7.50 (SAVING £7.50)
  • DVD - Hearing Voices Network '25 Years on' Volume 1, with Marius Romme & Sandra Escher - £12.50 (SAVING £7.50)
  • CD - The Voice in Me by Olga Runciman - £2.50 (SAVING £7.50)


  • BOOK - Working with Self Harm - £7.50 (SAVING £2.50)
  • BOOK - Killing me Softly - £6.00 (SAVING £4.00)
  • BOOK - Recovery Workbook - £7.50 (SAVING £2.50)
  • BOOK - Recovery an Holistic Approach - £2.50 (SAVING £1.75)
  • BOOK - DSM Zero - £5.00 (SAVING £1.00)
  • BOOK - Reclaiming our Lives - £7.50 (SAVING £2.50)


Ron's Creativity
Ron is busy being creative, he has written a play about his experiences with Alexa set 5 years in the future.  We hope to have the first performance in September on the Isle of Lewis and later a tour around Scotland and possibly the UK.

It is a One Act Play, which will be followed by a one hour workshop on 'Living with Dementia - Not dying from it!'.  

He is becoming active in DEEP and Dementia Diaries and is enjoying having a new focus.  It is certainly keeping his mind busy.

Midwife of the Soul
I am continuing with growing my project 'Midwife of the Soul'.  I have a Facebook Page and hope to have a website later in the year.  I am now a qualified 'Spiritual Companion' and look forward to offering my services to individuals and groups.

This is the link to my newish Facebook Page -

US Tour - September / October 2019
I am currently looking at a US tour in later September and October, for anyone wanting workshops on our approaches to working with voices and recovery.  PLEASE contact me on

I hope to take the family residential training to several parts of the US too.

And Finally...
Please do continue to support our work.  I still feel passionate that all of us can make a difference in mental health policy, support and care (choice and recovery environments.  

Although I have now been working in mental health for 35 years I still feel huge energy and hope that we can make a difference particularly in how we support people through 'psychosis'.

Anybody wishing training in the UK and other countries please contact me.  There is still so much to learn and I would love to share my passion for change.

Karen Taylor
Director Working to Recovery
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