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Start of Summer 2017 Newsletter

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Start of Summer 2017 Newsletter

Lets start with the good news.  Ron had an operation on his Carotid artery two weeks ago.  He is healing well.  It was a stressful time leading up to the operation and made us re-evaluate our future.

We are both going to concentrate working in the UK as much as possible in the future, with short trips to Europe and further afield.  Saying that, we have been invited to Hong Kong in November where a hearing voices group has been established from some training we did in Australia; so that is definitely somewhere we both want to go to.  Steve Fong our colleague in Hong Kong has been translating Working with Voices into Mandarin which is also very exciting.  

We also want to spend some more time with our kids and at home on the beautiful island of Lewis and more time writing.  We want to write up our experiences of trying to establish Recovery Houses and hope to create a full book about this, over the next year.

Ron is enjoying learning about Vlogging.  His Vlog Series is called 'Healthy Body Healthy Mind "Pies, Pizza Pepsi they all have to go!".    Here is a link to his latest Vlog, called 'Vegans Vulcans and my Scary Daughter' - CLICK HERE

I have also just written a blog on recovery communities, you can read it from this link - CLICK HERE

We All Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest
There's nothing like a near death experience to get you writing and finishing projects.  

So our other book news is that after starting writing "We All Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest" in 2014.  Ron has finally finished it and it is up for sale on Amazon Kindle and paperback!

To buy it direct from Amazon - CLICK HERE

We already have Ron's book 'Recovery: An Alien Concept?' up on Kindle and hope to have most of our books up before the end of the year.  This will mean it will be much easier for people outside of the UK to order the books and not have to pay the horrendous postal charges for international deliveries.

Upcoming UK Workshops (July-September 2017)
Ron and I are putting on a series of workshops in England, Wales and Scotland in July, August and September.  The first is Recovery Conversations and the second workshop is Working Creatively with Psychosis.  People can book to come to one or both of the workshops.  Hearing Voices Network Cymru are kindly sponsoring 10 Voice Hearers places for free for each of the 14 workshops.  To book one of these Bursary Places, please email me -

To download a leaflet, click on the links below:

Workshop One - CLICK HERE
Workshop Two - CLICK HERE 

Otherwise go to the website shop (CLICK HERE), choose a location and book your place.  Locations are - Chester, Bangor, Swansea, Cardiff, Dundee, Bristol and Birmingham.  

Mental Health Summer Recovery Camp 2017
We hope that many of you are thinking of coming to the recovery camp this year.

We have moved the dates to September and have a wonderful campsite near Oswestry and various types of accommodation.  This year Ron and I will be staying on site which we are pleased about.

We are looking forward to a mix of workshops, big tent discussions and playful evenings with bands and open mic.

For more Information and Booking - CLICK HERE

USA September 2017
We are planning a short tour to America in September, if anyone is interested in a workshop, please contact me on

And Finally...
So for all those looking for training in the UK, we are available and looking forward to being involved in transforming mental health services in the UK over the next few years and help to create real recovery communities.

With Warm Regards

Karen & Ron
We All Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest image

We All Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest

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