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UK Recovery Camp 2017 & WA Conference/Workshops

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Hi All,

We've got lost of exciting events coming up at Working to Recovery both in the UK and Western Australia.  So this is an extra email, letting you know all that is coming up. 

Working to Recovery Australasia
We are putting on an exciting International Conference in May 2017, plus lots of workshops either side.  So come to Perth for a two week working holiday and pick and mix your events!

See below for all the information and booking:

See our Facebook Page for what is happening -

International Conference - Healing the Psyche Narratives of Hope: Escaping the Illness Trap
Thursday 18th - Friday 19th May 2017
Freemantle, Western Australia

This conference will look at how narrative and dialogical approaches help the person and their community bridge the gap from distress to wellness, including learnings from indigenous cultures and their stories.

Confirmed speakers include:
  • Mia Kurtti – Open Dialogue Team, Finland
  • Flick Grey – Consumer Activist & Educator, Australia
  • Lewis Mehl-Madrona – Psychologist, Psychiatrist & Native American, USA
  • Barbara Mainguy – Creative Therapist, Canada
  • Wiremu Nia Nia – Maori Healer, New Zealand
  • Allister Bush – Psychiatrist, New Zealand
  • Karen Taylor – Director Working to Recovery Australasia, Scotland
  • Ron Coleman – Sexual Abuse Survivor, Voice Hearer, Author & Trainer, Scotland
  • Aboriginal Speakers – names to be confirmed


FIRST WEEK - 3 Exciting Workshops with Dr. Lewis Mehl-Madrona & Barbara Mainguy

Creative Arts Approach to Narrative Work - Friday 12th May 2017
One-Day Practical Workshop for consumers and workers to practice fun and insightful creative arts approaches that may be useful to include in the toolbox in life!  Join us for a day of exploration, fun and surprises. 

No 'art skill' is required to join the workshop.

Facilitator - Barbara Mainguy who is a Creative Arts Therapist.


Cheroke Bodywork Workshop - Sunday 14th - Monday 15th May 2017
Two-Day Workshop on Cheroke Bodywork healing.  Almost all aboriginal cultures had direct, hands-on, methods of healing.  Evidence is accumulating that American and European osteopathy owes its origins to aboriginal people, especially the Pawnee.  The Cheroke were no exception to the art of touching the body for healing means.  This workshop will introduce participants to this form of healing.

Facilitators - Lewis Mehl-Madrona who is a family physician, psychologist, psychiatrist and geriatrician.  Barbara Mainguy who is the Education Director of Coyote Institute, creative arts therapist and documentary filmaker.


Remap Your Mind: The Narrative Approach - Tuesday 16th May 2017
One-Day Practical Workshop mapping your stories and ways to create a new map of the mind to take home and use for yourself.  We will show you how to make a map of all the stories and their tellers.  Then we will discuss some ways in which we can change or re-map our minds by strengthening characters, adding characters and stories, forming coalitions among voices.  We will show how to make a new map of the mind through exercises that people can take home and use.

Facilitators - Dr Lewis Mehl-Madrona and Barbara Mainguy who are authors of the recently released book, Remapping Your Mind, which is the subject of the workshop


SECOND WEEK - 5 Day Workshop on Open Dialoguing

Open Dialogue - Monday 22nd May to Friday 26th May 2017

Five-Day Workshop to familiarise participants with the key elements and to deepen the understanding of those already familiar with the approach through a mix of theory and experiential learning.  Open Dialogue emphasises a dialogue with not only a person in crisis, but also with and between the person's social network.  Research into the approach has showed impressive results including marked reductions in the use of psychotropic medication, hospitalisations and long-term disability.

Facilitators - Mia Kurtti who has been an ongoing part of the team that developed Open Dialogue in Western Lapland since 2002.  Flick Grey is a trauma survivor, academic, supervisor and consultant, grounded in madness studies and ppractices from an International Peer Support framework.



Working to Recovery UK
For those who have missed it, on Facebook and Twitter, our Mental Health Summer Recovery Camp 2017 is taking place from Thursday 7th September to Tuesday 12th September 2017.  In Llansilin (near Oswestry), Shropshire, Wales.



Now in its 3rd year, the Recovery Camp will give you an experience of a recovery community, so you can take this into your own life, work and practice.

This is the perfect venue, a small friendly-owned glamping site.  The location is just out the way, of the beaten track, but close enough (5 miles) to a good sized town for travel.  The site has kune kune pigs, cats and a dog.  It is in a rural area among working farms, with sheep and other livestock in the fields.

We like anyone to be able to attend our Recovery Camps so we keep the costs as low as possible, starting as low as £120 for the WHOLE Camp (accommodation, discussions, workshops and entertainment).  Food is not included in the cost, although there will be meals available to purchase.  Plus self-catering facilities are available to cook your own food.  And there is a Recovery Camp Shop.

There are lots of different accommodation types to meet everyone's needs, so take your pick.  Accommodation types - Camping, Bunk Tents, Camper Vans, Bunkroom, Yurt, Stables and a Cabin.  For those of you who live in the local area or want to sort out your own accommodation we have Non-Residential Places and Day Passes.

This year we have a glossy brochure with all the information you need, including a FAQ Section for those who haven't been before. 

We have an Early Bird Rate for Camping, Bunk Tents and Camper Vans.  This ends midnight 31st March 2017.

Any questions or further information - contact


With Warm Regards

Ron & Karen
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