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Working to Recovery presents: Preparing for Recovery from Psychosis: A Family Approach.

This is a 5-day Residential Course for families, people with lived experience and workers.

VENUE: Port of Ness, Isle of Lewis, Western Isles, Scotland, UK

DATES: Sunday 16th September to Friday 21st September 2018

FACILITATORS: Ron Coleman and Karen Taylor

£650 per person (Single Occupancy)
£400 per person (Twin Occupancy)


Costs include accommodation:
  • Up to 6 nights
  • All meals from Sunday 20th September Dinner to Breakfast Friday 21st September
  • All course materials
  • Certificate of Completion



Online (from this page)
Contact Ron or Karen on Tel: 01851 810789 or email:

Participants can stay from Saturday 15th September until Saturday 22nd September at NO extra charge.
About the Week
This one week course has been developed from our learning in the various recovery houses we have been privileged to be involved with over the last 8 years.  This Preparing for Recovery from Psychosis: A Family Approach course is one of the results of this learning.  

The course is both experiential and taught.  It will begin with Sunday lunch over a light meal to get to know each other and start formerly after lunch and finishes  at the last course meal at breakfast Friday morning.

Participants then have Friday free to few the sites of the Isle of Lewis.

DAY ONE - What is Recovery?
Ron and Karen will explore what we mean by recovery and the importance that Choice, Ownership, People and Self have in starting the journey of recovery.

DAY TWO - You are Not the Problem
The second day will focus on exploring what people often feel that somehow they are the problem and that they cannot recover.  The day will also allow people to determine what the real problem is.

DAY THREE - The Illness Trap
Karen and Ron will focus on the barriers that can often get in the way of a persons' recovery exploring ways they can be overcome.

DAY FOUR - The Importance of Story
Day 4 will both explore the importance of our stories both that the person with the problem with the problem and the family.  It will also lay out a number of ways we can tell our stories.

DAY FOUR EVE - Taking it Forward
Provides an opportunity to decide how to go forward with the learning of the week.

Learning Outcomes
During the week participants will have the opportunity to:
  • Consider the underlying origins of recovery, in order to strip back to the underlying values, to 'Start Again'.
  • Examine the importance of Choice, Ownership, People and Self within the recovery journey.
  • Learn about the importance of writing a journal.
  • Explore in depth the idea of "you are not the problem".
  • Learn about the process of stories we tell ourselves and how the process of externalising language, can assist in changing the stories we/others tell about ourselves.
  • Develop an understanding of the barriers that stops recovery and explore ways to overcome these.
  • Develop an understanding of the 'Illness Trap' and how to negotiate through it.
  • Through practical exercises learn about the importance of writing a plan.
  • With discussion and conversation throughout the course, develop confidence in working with/or personally to be ready to continue the recovery process.

Midwife of the Soul trading as Working to Recovery Ltd presents The Wisdom of the Crone: A Five-Day Women's Residential Emotional Health, Spiritual & Wellbeing Course

VENUE:  Port of Ness, Isle of Lewis, Western Isles, Scotland, UK

ACCOMMODATION: Single and Shared rooms available.  Accommodation included and ALL Meals

(3-4 single rooms have double beds, so a partner can come to share part of the journey, joining us for evening meals and breakfast at an extra cost of £100).

DATESSunday 28th October (from 3pm) to Friday 2nd November (12pm)

FACILITATORS: Karen Taylor and Alison Dhuanna McCabe

COST£750 each - SINGLE ROOM.  £550 each - SHARED ROOM.


BOOKINGOnline (here) or Call 01851 810789 or email



In traditional stories the Crone invariably shows the heroine the way through the Underworld / Otherworld to liberation.  As we journey through the sacred landscape of the Outer Hebrides of Lewis and Harris, we will experience the Initiation of Crone wisdom in our lives.  This can assist us to:

  • Understand the role of challenge in people's lives and how they can emerge from life crisis renewed.
  • Navigate the life passage of menopause physically, emotionally and spiritually.  Old traumas often "come back to bite" during menopause, how do we change the narative?
  • Activate the power of the 'inner wise women' on a personal and collective level.
  • Contact your innate intuition, sense of humour and creativity.
  • Meet the powerful Crone plant Mugword and her birds the Heron and Raven.
During our week together we will walk the 'Hag' mountain with Jill Smith as our guide and visit the Callanish Stones.  We will use Celtic stories for reflection and growth; sound healing and meditation; breath work; and techniques for unlocking often repressed parts of womanhood.

Receiving constructive feedback or challenge can be an imporant part of growth.  Yet sometimes this activates such powerful childhood wounds it paralyses our ability to grow and contact our true inner genius.  Working with Crone can help us greatly with this issue.  You may also be in a role where you challenge people to grow, and working with Crone would help you do that in a more finely tuned way.


Online (from this page)
Contact Karen on Tel: 01851 810789 or email:

Karen Taylor was a mental health nurse and since leaving nursing in 1999 for many years has been an experiened trainer working with staff and people who have had experiences of psychosis and other emotional distress.  In the last year she has completed her diploma in Practical Spirituality and Wellness with WIlliam Bloom.  She is now starting a new journey as "midwife of the Soul" using her new learning to walk alongside people healing on their journey from emotional and spiritual distress, both in group work and 1:1.  She is passionate about the land and its healing powers and felt compelled to come to live in the Outer Hebrides, the land of the Cailleach where she has completed her own hag menopause journey.

Alison Dhuanna (Aka Reeves) is a storyteller, sharmanic sound healer and astrologer with many years experience in working with traditional stories, star lore and plant medicines through her journey from PTSD.  She is an internationally known write about the Goddess Asteroids, a group of bodies that relate directly to the empowerment of women in bringing about balance and equality between genders and people of different sexual orientation.  She is also the author of 'Recovery: A Holistic Approach' (1998) - a self-help guide to recovery from mental and emotional distress.  Alison was the Project Manager of Anam Cara Crisis House in Birmingham from 1998 - 2005, one of the most succcessful 'User' led crisis services in the world.
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