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Creating Safe Places for Recovery: One-Day Seminars - 2019 UK Tour

Lancaster (26th June 2019), Manchester (27th June 2019), Hebden Bridge (28th June 2019), Cambridge (1st July 2019), Norwich (2nd July 2019), Birmingham (3rd July 2019)

Working to Recovery presents: Creating Safe Places for Recovery: A one-day Seminar with Alison McCabe (Reeves) and Karen Taylor.

This is a 1-day Seminar for commissioners, mental health service managers/staff, housing support managers/staff, mental health workers, community development workers, family members, allies and people with lived experience.

Lancaster - Wednesday 26th June 2019 - CANCELLED
Manchester - Thursday 27th June 2019CANCELLED
Hebden Bridge - Friday 28th June 2019
Cambridge - Monday 1st July 2019
Norwich - Tuesday 2nd July 2019
Birmingham - Wednesday 3rd July 2019

Registration: 9:00am
Start: 9:30am
Finish: 4.30pm

£80 - Waged
£35 - Unwaged & Students


In this one-day seminar Karen and Alison will explore their experiences of running Crisis and Recovery Houses. There is much interest at the moment of how we can create alternatives to hospital admission and treatment. During the morning they will share their experiences, what worked - the afternoon will be exploring in groups what they would envisage the perfect safe space for recovery could be.  Alison ran the very successful Anam Cara for 7 years a crisis and recovery service in the 1990’s in Birmingham, much lauded in the mental health foundation Crisis project workbook and reported in the Guardian:

Karen has been involved in setting up different types of Recovery Houses starting in Gloucester in 2001, currently Houses based on her work with partner Ron Coleman are running in Perth WA, Trieste Italy and Amitola Communities in York UK. Karen has also run residential Five-Day Workshops where people can explore recovery and make leaps in their recovery as well as Recovery Camps, she also regularly uses aids like Skype to walk alongside someone on their recovery journey, creating environments where recovery can and does happen.

Karen Taylor was an RMN with 16 years experience in the NHS in England with both older people and adults of working age.  She has personal experience of designing, implementing and managing innovative community care services.  After leaving the NHS, she has worked with her husband, Ron Coleman bringing the hearing voices approach to many Countries including Italy, Australia, NZ, France, Hong Kong, USA and Canada.  She puts all her experiences into running recovery house projects.  All her learning on working with psychosis is rooted in practice and living with a voice hearer for 20 years.  Recovery from psychosis is possible for everyone, people can learn to understand their experience and move on.  This should be a human right for anyone given this label.  Karen is experienced in working with families and believes real healing happens when dialogue happens.  Karen has co-authored the workbook, ‘Working to Recovery’ and has also been involved in introducing recovery training into Australia, New Zealand, Palestine, Denmark and Italy as well as throughout the United Kingdom.

Alison McCabe comes from a background of developing creativity through her life.  In her thirties she was the Project Manager for an innovative user led mental health service called Anam Cara Crisis House based on Soteria House in California.  It was a pioneering project that widely influenced other services globally.  From this she went onto being a professional storyteller and developing arts programmes in school and the community.  After completing her BA and a distinction in creative writing Alison continued to dedicate most of her time to developing creatively, working in a hospice setting for a number of years.  The opportunity to become an apprentice in sacred sound came along at exactly the right time in her life.  It has really opened up her voice and many healing dimensions of sound and silence. Alison is broadly on a Mystical Christian path though deeply honouring of all religions.  She was born and grew up in South Africa under Apartheid and her passion for justice, equality and peace runs very strong as a theme through her life and work.


This Seminar is suitable for:
  • Commissioners
  • Mental Health Services Managers and Staff
  • Housing Support Managers and Staff
  • Mental Health Workers
  • Community Development Workers
  • Family Members
  • Allies
  • People with Lived Experience


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