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We All Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest

Ron Coleman

We All flew Over The Cuckoos Nest is not a book in the traditional sense rather than it is a collection of stories most of them true some embellished and some adapted from other not related fields about the psychiatric system.  Whilst the book is intended to by funny it is not in anyway attempting to minimize the real pain and suffering that those who have been or are in the psychiatric system go through.

Having spent many years in acute psychiatry wards as a patient I remember that most of the discussions between us happened in the smoking room (yes we were allowed to smoke indoors at the time).  We would often tell stories of things that had happened to us both in hospital and in the community.  Some of these stories were sad, some were challenging but many were funny.  This fun is often lost in the system that focuses on risk and illness rather than on health and opportunity.

***** (FIVE STARS)  - This is a fantastic, humerous but real life look at Psychiatry
"This is fantastic, humerous but real life look into psychiatry.  Full of humanity, observations from different perspectives and tales of the less expected.  From 'Fido', 'Bill and his sock' to the DSM party game - its brilliant stuff.  For anyone who has seen Ron deliver his inspirational messages around voice hearing and recovery, this is a must.  For anyone who has not yet had the opportunity to listen to Ron - this is a short but wonderful observation of the system.  Not minimising the real distress that so many people experience - but being able to reflect on real life, laugh at funny stories and live life to the full."

***** (FIVE STARS) - A great read that makes you laugh with the truth thank you Ron
"The rating is based on the surprise, the facts but mostly the truth and the smiles.  Everyone one should read this book."

***** (FIVE STARS) - True to form
"Laughing and crying - so true to form."

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