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1st and 2nd World Hearing Voices Congress

2009 - 2010

This DVD set is a record of two of the most stimulating and important international conferences held in recent times on the issue of hearing voices, psychosis and recovery.

In 2009 and 2010 voice hearers, mental health workers and family members from across the world met to share messages of hope and positive action. The nine presentations included in the 2 DVD set focus on important aspects of the recovery and discuss difficult issues such as the disease concept of and the use of medication.

The nine presentations included in the DVD set provide a cross section of the innovative ideas and practice under discussion at the meetings. The DVD set also includes a montage of the views of participants and other presenters. The themes and stories that will be seen and heard in this DVD go beyond theory and will engage viewers in the everyday lives of voice hearers and the possibility of recovery.

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DVD 1 - 1st World Hearing Voices Congress, Maastricht, Netherlands, September 2009
  • Hearing voices: A common human experience John Watkins (Australia)
  • Why relationships matter: The crucial role of the therapeutic alliance in helping people with psychosis Richard Bentall (UK)
  • Childhood Trauma and psychosis: The power of relationships to harm and to heal John Reid (New Zealand)
  • Survival Techniques: An exploration of hearing voices, self harm, eating ‘disorders & dissociation as the consequence of child abuse Jacqui Dillon (UK)
  • Peoples Voices: An Overview of the 1st and 2nd World Hearing Voices Congress 2009 & 2010
DVD 2 - 2nd World Hearing Voices Congress, Nottingham, UK, November 2010
  • Beyond Psychiatry: Understanding my own human experience Kellie Comans (Australia)
  • The Psychiatric System Is About Politics, Not Science Dorothy Rowe (UK/Australia)
  • Based on a true life story filled with lies Olga Runciman (Denmark)
  • Our minds and each other: Rethinking Mental Health Gail Hornstein (USA)
  • Beside myself: Hearing voices, dissociation and the search for self Eleanor Longden (UK).
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