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Killing Me Softly: Self Harm - Survival not Suicide

Sharon J. Lefevre

Sharon died on the 10th September 1999, the day after my forty-sixth birthday. She was forty-six. 

As a psychiatric nurse, I knew her as a service user in her distress. In the fight for change in psychiatry she was a colleague in our struggle to change peoples’ attitudes to self harm. She became a good friend who knew the ins and outs of my family life. As parents we shared our love, aspirations and worries for our children. Her legacy as a mum remains in her three beautiful children who returned her love tenfold when she was unwell.

Sharon struggled with her life as this excellent book will reveal but she also lived it, at times, with intensity and enjoyment. Her life was one that you could imagine novels are based on. Perhaps someday someone will write the whole story.

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