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Raising our Voices

Adam James

In this comprehensive book (published in 2001) Adam James demonstrates why he is the Mind Journalist of the Year 2001.  He has brought both the philosophy and the struggle of this Hearing Voices Network to life.  In this compelling book the history of the Network from Julian Jaynes' wok on the bicarmal mind to the development of the UK Hearing Voices Network as a pseudo mainstream organisation is explained in terms that anyone can understand.

The book will invoke in its readers a multitude of emotions, from happiness to sadness, from joy to anger but more importantly James has enabled the reader to comprehend in a new way the lives of those who hear voices both in and outside of psychiatric services.

This book should become a standard text for anyone involved not only in psychosis but in the field of psychiatric services.  Apart from anything else it is quite simple a bloody good read.
Ron Coleman

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