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So you think you're Mad

Paul Hewitt

The purpose of this book (published in 2001) is to act in those cases of 'blow out' disorders as a debriefing exererises, re-stablising the mind and prepaing the emergence of the fragile personality of its tentative first steps back into community. 

In a world of increasing social disorder and individual despondence it occured to me that there is little practice advice offered in the area of attaining mentla health, especially when suffering from the vaiours psychological inflictions and diagnoses of today's social environment.

Having suffered some of these conditions myself I hope here to offer some practical fuidanc ein the art of freeing the mind of self-inhibiting mental disorder.  In have personally experienced mental states such as depressions, suicidal tendency, mania, drug induced psychosis, delusions of grandeur, paranoia and other, socially unacceptable states that were none the less problematic.

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