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Understanding Voices

Prof. Dr. Marius Romme

In this booklet (published in 2000) we will report on our experiments and studies concerning people who hear voices with the characteristics of audiotry hallucinations, by reproducing three articles giving an overview of our research. 

The first study was published in the Schizophrenia Bulletin (1989( reporting an experiment in which people with auditory hallucinations were brought into contact with each other.  They all heard voices and described their experiences to each other.

The second paper was held on a conference organised by the department of psychology at the University of Liverpool in 1992 and published in 1996 by Haddock and Slade in a book 'Cognitive interventions with psychotic disorders', focusing on different symptions, mainly on auditory hallucinations.

The last article in this bookley is translated into English and was originally published in a Belgium book 'De wereld van schizofrenie' (in Dutch).  This chapter describes the main results of our comparative study of three groups with auditory hallucinations.

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