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Working with Self Harm

Mike Smith

This book is a reprinted edition of the highly acclaimed Victim to Victor Series.  It is written for the self harmer, the professional trying to gain better understanding and the friend trying to help someone to live with their own self harm.  The booked is aimed at developing an understading of the self harm, and ultimately each other, and to be able to work together honestly on the real issues.

This book is firstly about alliances - about how can we work together.  For many professionals it is very hard to work with self harm.  We are not prepared for it and at best believe ourselves to be either unhelpful or unneccesary.  At worst we believe that we can do something to control the self harm. 

This workbook will enable the person who self harms and the professional to develop an alliance, an alliance based upon the common ground, and that common ground is a belief int he possibility of recovery from the experience.

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