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Setting Up, Supporting & Developing a Hearing voices group




This course will provide you with all the information you need to consider setting up a Hearing Voices Group.  Drawing on the experiences of others who have been in the same situation, you will begin to understand how a hearing voices group works and what is needed to set one up. 

The course will help you understand how hearing voices groups have helped others.  And be able to consider for yourself some of the potential challenges in developing a group.  You will also explore how to maintain a hearing voices group, where support is available and develop a vision for the future.

Lesson 1 - Why set up a Hearing Voices Group

Lesson 2 - Exploring the Experiences of Voices Hearers

Lesson 3 - Working with voices hearers as your peers

Lesson 4 - Setting up a Group: The format and practicalities

Lesson 5 - Challenges of running a Hearing Voices Group

Lesson 6 - Taking your Learning Forward

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This course will take up to 23 hours to complete.

By enrolling to the full, we will give you a 25% discount.  However, if you prefer you can just do one of the lessons at full price.


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