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Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse: Beginning the Recovery Process




Statistics show that up to 1 in 6 males have experienced sexual abuse and are living with the consequences of sexual abuse.  This reality is often not acknowledged by services and by society as a whole, but it is apparent in the high level of suicide attempts, the heavy use of alcohol and drugs, aggression, prostitution, homelessness and criminal offences amongst male survivors of sexual abuse. 

Drawing on the direct experiences of the course leader and other males’, personal journeys from sexual abuse, this course has been designed for both male survivors wanting to explore and start the recovery process and practitioners, family members and friends who want to understand and help male survivors begin their recovery journey.

The Course is split into 4 Lessons - 

Lesson 1 – Putting Sexual Abuse into Context

Lesson 2 – Understanding Sexual Abuse

Lesson 3 – Impact of Sexual Abuse on Males

Lesson 4 – Male Survivors: The Recovery Process

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This course will take up to 23.5 hours to complete.


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