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An Introduction to Accepting Voices



Hearing distressing voices is one of the most common experiences of people diagnosed with a psychotic disorder. Research has shown that many people continue to hear voices even after prolonged use of medication. As a consequence, people who hear voices commonly live lives that are low in quality and high is distress. In the last two decades, voices hearers around the world, working with understanding allies, have organised, to bring together ideas and strategies for a more effective response to these difficulties.

This course has been designed to bring these ideas and strategies to practitioners, voices hearers, family members and friends, so you can understand the experience of hearing voices and interventions that can be used to enable the voice hearers to take control of their experience.

This course is divided into Three Lessons - 

Lesson 1 - Working with Voices

Lesson 2 - Taking Accepting Voices into Life and Work

Lesson 3 Taking your Learning Forward

This course will take up to 9 hours to complete.

If you want to undertake the full course, you can find this within our course catalogue.  If you enrol to the full course, we will give you a 25% discount.  However, if you prefer you can just do this Part at full price.


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