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Understanding Self Injury: Values, Empowerment & Relationships




This course is for anyone who is interested in self injury and self harm.  The course has been designed for people who self-injure, family/friends wanting to support people who self-injure and workers/services in the area of self injury.  

Although this course is about understanding self-injury, it is not so much about exploring self-injury, techniques and tools to support people who self injure, but instead the course focuses on exploring self injury at a deeper level, enabling students to find ways to work with the person who self injures or for people who self injure to work with those trying to support them.  Apart from at the start of the course, when students are invited to look at their views on self injury, the remaining focus of the course is not on self injury, instead about values, empowerment and relationships.

The course is split into 6 Lessons are listed below - 

Lesson 1 – Introductions to Self Injury

Lesson 2 – The Importance of Values

Lesson 3 – The Importance of Empowerment

Lesson 4 – Support / Risk

Lesson 5 – Moving Towards Recovery

Lesson 6 – Taking Learning forward into Life

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This course will take up to 21.5 hours to complete.


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